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Weeds…I love weeds!!!

  As some of you might know, my favourite colour is purple. So as a result I wanted photographs of myself in a tall purple flower field. I convinced my classmate Allana to come photograph me. We planned to go to the lavender garden here in Kelowna, but they were closed. So we found a nice field of purple and yellow weeds. These are some of the shots I got of her. Enjoy!!

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  • Allana - I like the one on the right :) Yours are in line to be edited further! This better not be our last photoshoot together!!

  • Kaylyn - Yeah, I like the one on the right too! Also, the blowing of the fluffy thing worked much better for you than me! Your face doesn’t look goofy :) I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. Hope you made it home safe. This will NOT be our last photoshoot together…I won’t allow that. :)

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