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Summer Family Maternity Session: Kelowna Maternity Photographer

This session goes down as one of my favourites of all time. The session took place in Vernon at a little park with a beach where we could dip our feet in Kal Lake. At the start of the session I focused on capturing the moments of just mom and the baby with the beautiful of nature surrounding her. I really wish I had made a video during this time because the way Meaghan was talking to her baby was truely beautiful. Not to mention the laughter to follow as she would look back at her other kids running around laughing by the beach. Here’s where things got EXTRA interesting. As Meaghan and I were walking back down to the water to meet with her family we heard a noise. To me it sounded like the noise a power line makes sometimes as you walk past. WRONG! We look right beside us and guess what we saw…..?!?!?! A RATTLESNAKE!! Okay so, anyone who knows me, knows snakes scare the crap out of me. I think I would handle a bear encounter better than a snake encounter HA! So, lets just say we ran. As fast as we could. Once we made it down to the water where her family waited, I think we started to laugh a little bit, probably a very nervous laugh while her husband looked as though he just saw a ghost. Once we all caught our breath (and once I stopped shaking) we continued on with photos. This time, in the water!! Followed by some super fun belly painting! We had planned to do some belly cast photos as well but we had ran out of time. So we scheduled those for another day. I’ll share those photos in a blog post in a couple days! All in all, I have to say the memories I have made with this family over the past two years has really impacted my love for what I do more than ever before. <3 DSC_7827.jpg

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