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baby K

Baby K from this session has arrived! She was by far the easiest baby to work with because she didn’t cry (orView full post »

Baby Boy L

I had an awesome session with this two week old, Baby Boy L. We got lots of awesome shots so here’s a little lookView full post »

Baby T

Well, this post is loooooong over due. I had these photos tucked away in a folder from around exam time. I justView full post »

Baby B (Ironbaby)!!

I got these photographs done sooner than I thought. You might remember these parents from this maternity session.View full post »

Ironbaby has arrived!!!

During my trip to Winnipeg baby B was born! As you can imagine, I could hardly wait to get home to snap someView full post »

Baby Bentley has Arrived!!

 So I’m happy to announce that baby Bentley has arrived. The first image is just a reminder of the maternityView full post »

3 week old

I did my first baby photo session in a studio on Friday (last one was at the beach). It was so amazing how this littleView full post »

Sheena and Baby Brayden!!

So I completed my first baby session this week! Brayden is such a cutie. It was awesome working with Sheena and him. IView full post »